Christmas Movie Night – 12th December – Key Information

We are very excited to be hosting the PTA’s second movie night tomorrow evening at school.

Just a bit of information about the logistics.

The children will be brought from their classroom to the hall at the end of the school day. With lessons learned from the first event we will give the children their snack and drink straight away and they will be able to sit with their picnic on the floor watching the movie. We have increased the amount of food available to them as they are a hungry bunch post school! This means we do ask please do not send them in with a packed tea as we have a number of children with serious allergies and we cannot risk allergens being packed in the tea or food being shared amongst the children. We will not allow them to have their own food in the hall for this reason but we will of course ask them to bring their water bottle with them.

We will be finished at 5pm (not 5.15pm as stated on the school calendar sheet sent around – apologies for this misinformation!)

For the collection of children:

  • Foundation children will come out of the main entrance.
  • Year 1 children will need to be collected from the Turtles classroom (around the side of the school towards the teacher’s car park).
  • Year 2 children will need to be collected from the Year 1 entrance (the main doors to the left of the main entrance).

Children are invited to bring a blanket/cushion and a teddy to have with them whilst they watch the film. Please ensure they are named and brought into school in a bag (also named) so they can be hung on a peg during the day and the children bring them along for the event.

Please ensure any allergy information was submitted on your booking.

Hopefully, this is all the information you require, if you have any other questions please contact us at

We look forward to seeing the children tomorrow.

Sally and the PTA team

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